Well hello there!


My name is Isabel Griffith, I'm a 20-year-old Women from a little city of Pennsylvania called Clarks Mills. You probably read that and was like, "huh! Where the heck is that." Don't worry you aren't really missing anything. It's in the middle of nowhere you, literally have to drive thirty minutes to just get to a store. 

Anyways, I wanted to start this blog, not to just share and tell my story with everyone. I wanted to start this to benefit not just me but people everywhere and anywhere around me and anyone around the world. 

I want everyone to expects to see just what goes on in my life, Such as the title of course, "The day in the Life of Isabel Griffith." Kinda all spoken for all there right. I want to express my story by, sharing what happens in my life day to day, night to night. What my struggles are and giving tips along the way. 

I say to also help people everywhere around the world, cause wherever you are right now reading this going through something, or just want to talk to someone to just get it out. Girl I'm here for you. I will listen to you; threw every word you want to say to me. 


So please email me, leave a message anything. 

Let us begin this journey together day by day, so let's get this party started shall we!